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Why Being Spiritual May Be Better Than Being Religious: My Talk at Ignite Phoenix #14

I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at Ignite Phoenix #14. The title of my talk was “Why Being Spiritual May Be Better Than Being Religious.” I had an amazing time and met a bunch of new people. I can’t thank the Ignite team enough for this amazing opportunity and for being so supportive throughout the process. Also, thanks to everyone who encouraged me and continue to provide positive feedback as video of the presentation makes it around the internet!

About the author: Rob is the co-founder and current co-pastor of City Square Church, a new and innovative United Methodist faith community in downtown Phoenix. In his years of experience in spiritual formation and creating active and engaged communities, Rob has become an expert at connection and networking. He now uses these experiences, along with technology and social media, to bring others together around creative ideas and events that aim to inspire innovation and bold leadership.

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