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The Rob Bell Interview Everyone Should Listen To

Back in May, Rob Bell did an interview with comedian Pete Holmes on Pete’s “You Made it Weird” podcast, and it’s absolutely fantastic. It has to be the funniest and most insightful interview Bell has ever done. The interview is over two hours long and Rob is candid about his beliefs on many topics including the bible, hell, sex, marriage, same-sex marriage (which he firmly supports), the virgin birth, resurrection, and more. I shared this on Facebook and Twitter a few weeks ago, after a friend pointed it out to me, but I just went back and listened to it again and thought it was blog post worthy. Enjoy!

You can listen to the full interview here.

P.S. There’s some language that might not make this safe for the church office, unless you’re wearing headphones. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

About the author: Rob is the co-founder and current co-pastor of City Square Church, a new and innovative United Methodist faith community in downtown Phoenix. In his years of experience in spiritual formation and creating active and engaged communities, Rob has become an expert at connection and networking. He now uses these experiences, along with technology and social media, to bring others together around creative ideas and events that aim to inspire innovation and bold leadership.

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