I became a pastor because I was called. I pursued the ordination process in The United Methodist Church because I truly felt called to help make people’s lives and the world better. Although I now specialize in church consulting, I’m still a pastor who still feels called to help.

After serving in campus ministry for five years and being a new church start pastor for three, I believe I have a unique skill set that can help pastors and churches. I believe my experience with and deep knowledge of the millennial generation has enabled me to help churches as the religious and cultural landscape rapidly shifts around them.

While many mainline congregations are on the decline I still believe the church plays a vital role in our communities and beyond. Churches, when they are keenly focused on their mission, have extraordinary opportunities to create positive transformation in individual lives, neighborhoods, cities and towns, and indeed, in our nation and world.

Overall, I’m passionate about helping leaders and churches connect with their neighbors. This could mean the people who live in your neighborhood, town, or city, or anyone in the world you think could be positively impacted by your mission. Specifically, I can help you in one or more of the following ways:

Discovering Your Neighbor

This includes researching demographics information, studies, scholarship, statistics, and trends. This could be existing data and/or doing original research, including spending time in your community and congregation learning the story of your neighborhood and the stories of your neighbors.

Getting to Know Your Neighbor

Go deeper and discover not just who your neighbors are, but their needs and wants. This might include focus groups, interviews, and surveys. However, I’ll help you create a culture within your leadership based in empathy. These skills and strategies will enable you to create not just more impactful programs, but also positive social change.

Telling Your Story to Your Neighbor

This includes identity development (mission, vision, logo, website) and storytelling campaigns (sharing compelling content through web & social media, events, and more). An interesting and compelling storytelling campaign, however, starts with a great idea. I’ve studied a lot about brainstorming, Design Thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. I can help you generate new ideas, select the ones with a high probability of success, help you put those ideas into action, and see them through until you meet your goals.

Ready to take the next step? Contact me and we’ll setup a time to learn more about one another and see if there’s an opportunity for us partner to create change together.