by Rob Rynders & Dottie Escobedo-Frank

The Sacred Secular examines the cultural spaces where people are experiencing something sacred. These places are not in the church. They are in yoga studios, at neighborhood potlucks, and around TED talks. Dottie and Rob see lessons for the church in these spaces. They see new ways we can convey to people that the church is uniquely sacred and significant and that Jesus is for them. These glimpses into the sacred-secular world will inspire creative church leaders to set aside their assumptions about what church looks like. The Sacred Secular nurtures empowerment, creativity, spiritual movement, and the courage to embody the sacredness and substance of our faith.

Praise for The Sacred Secular

“Many of us in the church (including clergy) feel we have more in common with the ‘spiritual but not religious’ than we have with lost of church folks these days. We are just as spiritually hungry and thirsty as ever, but we’re open to finding God in surprising places and spaces…including ‘secular’ ones. This beautifully written book is all about that phenomenon. I think you’re going to love it.”
-Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker,

“Be prepared to hear contemporary stories akin to the Apostle Peter discovering God in an ‘outsider’-Cornelius-in twenty-first-century urban America. This book is a jewel from two missional church practitioners in The United Methodist Church. It offers wisdom, vision, creativity, and humility that will mark the gospel-bearing church of the future. I highly recommend The Sacred Secular to pastors, church planters, and laity who want their congregations to know how to develop culturally connected faith communities in our rapidly changing world.”
-Elaine A. Heath,
Dean, Duke Divinity School,
Duke University, Durham, NC